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About Us

Everybody loves music but it’s becoming more and more difficult for talented, unsigned and unrecognized artists to compete in the tightly controlled entertainment industry.

We’ve heard from a plethora of artists who are so frustrated with the failed status quo that current music platforms offer - no opportunity to be heard, no opportunity to make money and, most importantly, no monetary transparency. Because of the issues, it is extremely difficult for up and coming artists to compete in world that is heavily controlled by a few big labels, who can pick and promote their next success, creating an unfair and unleveled playing field.

Music Makers 101 lets you promote yourself as well as other artists to build a fan base that can put you in the center spotlight. Music Makers 101 gives all artists the same opportunity to succeed by providing a competitive platform that all artists can use and by giving artist full control over their own success. We allow you to be as successful and competitive as you want to be.

With us you can Create, Promote and Profit. The good thing about our service is that you do not need to sign any contracts and you always own your music. This provides a stress-free platform that gives you the freedom to create music at your pace.

We have a professional team that is composed of highly knowledge individuals that can support your every need and request. You do not have to worry since you will be able to track your progress in real time with complete transparency.

With us, you can express your musical abilities, add to your fan base and take your musical talent to a whole new level of popularity. There is no holding you back, you have full control over your own success.

Our vision is to launch Music Makers 101 globally giving the artist an audience like no other platform can offer and giving the artist the opportunity to reach out to a new fan base that is highly diversified and hungry to hear your new music.

Music Makers 101 – Team

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