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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Music Makers 101?

Music Makers 101 is a music platform designed to help and encourage unsigned artist earn unlimited income.

How does Music Makers 101 work?

Music Makers 101 charges our fan base two dollars per music download. The artist receives $1.00 or 50 percent of the sales transaction.

Music Makers 101 encourages our artists to become members. Membership provides the potential to make unlimited amounts of revenue. Simply encourage other artists to become members and receive $0.30 cents from every one of their sold music downloads. By adding additional artist you earn unlimited income.

Music Makers 101’s ultimate goal is to create a music platform that provides unsigned artists the opportunity to be Artist-Prenuers. We recognize that every musician has a dream but lack the support and tools to help them capitalize on that dream.

What makes Music Makers 101 platform different?

Music Makers101’s number one priority is to pay out the highest download sales in the music industry. Our artist demographics includes every unsigned artist, regardless of experience. The goal is to provide a platform that allows the artist time to perfect music while making money.

Music Makers 101 has also developed a real-time 24/7 accounting system designed to help an artist keep up to date on all sales through our site. This technology is designed to assure financial transparency in all artist transactions. Music Makers 101 is totally committed to continually creating technology designed to expose our members’ music to new audiences.

How do I sell my music?

Selling your music and promoting yourself is simple. Create an artist account that includes uploading images and a supported biography and purchase a 1 Year Membership. This activates the account allowing you to upload music and providing access to your "Back Page Link". With this, you can refer other artists to join Music Makers 101 which allows you the make unlimited income.

How many songs can you upload on to the system?

There is no limit on how many songs you can upload nor is there a charge to upload music. However, there is a limit on the size of each song. That limit is set to 20 Megabytes per song.

How are Music Makers 101 artist compensated?

On the 28th day of each month, any sums of money in your account will be automatically transferred to your bank account that is on file.
NOTE: This does not include any additional holds on funds imposed by your bank.

How does Music Makers 101's artist keep track of the music they sold?

Each artist account comes with a built-in accounting system that tracks all music that artist has sold. This includes songs and dollar amounts.

Who is responsible for your copyright?

Artists are responsible for the copyrighted material. Registering your copyrights enhances your legal protection against infringement.

What is the difference between royalties and sales?

Music Makers 101 only conducts business with unsigned artist whose earnings are based on $1.00 per song sold. Music Makers 101 operates contract free. We only distribute music for unsigned, uncontracted artist.

Music Makers 101 only conducts business with unsigned artist whose earnings are based on $1.00 per song sold. The artist has no contract with us to negotiate because Music Makers 101 operates contract free. We strictly distribute music for only unsigned, uncontracted artist.

If you are a band, can you use Music Makers?

Yes, you can use Music Makers to promote your band. However, the accounts are not group accounts. There has to be a designated member of the band that creates the account.

Multiple Payout Accounts?

At this time, royalties and or profits are electronically transferred to only one account. All funds are transferred to the bank account that was added when the Music Makers account was created.

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