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Causious's picture Causious (6 songs) joined 2 years 11 months ago

Producer, Songwriter, and Engineer from Albany, Ga goes by the name Causious. Growing up in a bad society, Causious always found an outlet by doing music. In the year 99/00 his album Final Questionz was held back due to poor management. In 2004 his album... more

QMiles's picture QMiles (6 songs) joined 2 years 11 months ago

An R&B artist QMILES born & raised in Dyersburg TN age 23, coming from a single parent house hold. He moved to Murfreesboro TN for a fresh start and started doing music. Q dropped his 1st mixtape, LIFECHANGE, in February 2016. His music caught... more

The Yes Man's picture The Yes Man (4 songs) joined 3 years 4 days ago

Follow Me Now On Take a 50 gallon barrel of entertainment and put it over a forest fire of crazy fun. Mix in Howard Stern, Jamie Foxx,... more

SoundandShape's picture Sound&Shape (24 songs) joined 3 years 4 days ago

Eight years, thousands of miles, a thousand shows, three releases — and an expanse of musical progression and evolution — separate Sound&Shape’s scorching debut album and their newest release, Bad Actors. Defining new vectors in songwriting and... more

Lil Crimson's picture Lil Crimson (1 Song) joined 3 years 4 weeks ago


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