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Danielle Lee Ruffen (aka Danielle " The Buddafly")

Why the “Buddafly”? The butterfly is a metaphor for her life and music.
The butterfly is the universal symbol of resilience and transformation —
a metamorphosis from caterpillar through dormant chrystalis to the resplendent
lilting butterfly. It is the physical manifestation of Hope.

Her life and music is about Truth, Peace, Love, Unity, and the passionate expression of Hope as a message to encourage, empower, and uplift the spirit of those who listen and embrace “the message in the music.” Danielle says of her art forms: “I refuse to be placed into traditional categories: I will not be boxed in.”

She is a survivor of traumatic childhood and early adulthood experiences which has developed and fortified her spirit to be “bounce back” resilient. Through the strength of her commitment and faith in God and self, she has been able to grow and move forward everyday. Danielle’s life is about constant forward motion, as she desires to ensure fulfilling her life purpose — to enrich people with her music and her professional holistic wellness services. She wants everyone to know that, despite the current world climate, there is a great need for Love, Peace, and Unity.

 Birthplace: Roxbury, MA

 Heritage: Afro-Caribbean & Native American

 Interests: Cooking, Fitness, Holistic Healing & Wellness, Nutrition, and Writing

 Professional Avocation: Licensed Massage & Touch Therapist ; dba Ruffen Bodyworks of Boston (RBB) & Buddafly Wellness. [*Note: This mode of
therapy has been instrumental in Danielle’s development, including (along with a vegan diet) helping her overcome fibromyalgia & spinal stenosis.
As massage & touch therapy has helped Danielle, she enjoys helping others and it’s part of her core essence.]

 Artistic Collaborations: Bud Killy, Christopher Loflin, Curtis Warner, Curtis Warren, Dennis Montgomery, Frank Wilkins, Fulani Haynes, Jose Alicea,
The Young James Brown, Kaimy Masse, Kay Cee King, Kevin McKilroy, Larry Woo, Merejo Hern, Ray Diamond, Sergio Bellotti, Wes Wirth,
and numerous others.

 CD Recordings: 1.“Love’s Never Lost” (2009) • Lyrics & Music: Danielle Lee Haynes (aka Danielle Lee Ruffen ; “Buddafly”) 2. “Message In
The Music”(2019) • Lyrics & Music: Danielle Lee Ruffen

 Performance Videos: YouTube : “I Want To Be Closer”(Danielle Lee Haynes, aka “Buddafly”) • Facebook: 1.
(Danielle sings “You’ve Got A Friend @ the last 4:55 min. of this video.)


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Buddafly says: Music Makers 101 Artists: PEACE & LOVE!!! My music style is "Jazz Soul"; and on Sat., March 7, 2020 in Boston, MA, I'll be celebrating the pre-release of (3) major projects: mobilizing Ruffen Bodyworks of Boston / Buddafly Wellness; my debut jazz soul album, "Message In The Music;" and my children's book project with renowned African-American painter, Paul T. Goodnight who will be illustrating the book. The book title, "SMILE: Empowering Girls Through Self-Esteem" is based on my original song titled, SMILE.
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