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Based in: Albany, GA

Coming str8 from the Little belly of the Slave Peach State, Georgia!!!! In a small town, called [Putney]; Off HWY 19S. Right outside of the small city called Albany! Growing up as a young man, with many talents, he always had a passion for music. Starting out in the church choir, moving along to middle school with the band, and at the age of 11, listening to “No Limit” & “Cash Money Records” persuaded him to freestyle rap. In school and out he always wrote poetry, to the ladies, to relieve stress and just because. Took some to school and recited them to his peers, they liked it and he took off! In 2006, Daniel “D. Love” Loving, (Brick House Productions) took him in as a new artist and showed him the ropes in the studio. From making tracks to recording tracks, delivering his message on tracks and preparing him for stage performance. BUZZi3 G struggled in the streets because he chose to, wanting to live a “D-Boy” life, and ended up falling victim to the Georgia Department of Correction, imprisoned for 2 years. During his 730 day incarceration, he wrote a lot of music and at the same time painted a vision in his head for his future. Once he kept hearing that he has what it takes to make music and reach someone through his music, he soaked it all in and marinated on it….. Upon his release in 2009, he got with a few more local labels, learned some more ends and odds and started his own label “BOUT THAT LIFE ENT”, due to his past circumstances with local labels. Thru his music, he mainly speaks about the daily struggles in life today. He also speaks to the females in ways that they would want their man to speak and treat them. He also speaks about his life’s obstacles 13and encounters and translate it in a way that everyone can relate and understand without all of the negative profanity! Living strongly by his motto, BUZZi3 G is “above all things, against all odds, (a full time go getter) getting money by any means through the struggle though it’s hard. I’m gone grind and I’m gone eat, and I’m gone live until I die, and I’m ain't backing down from nothing cause I’m “BOUT THAT LIFE”!!!!!!!!!!!!! "CEO of Finesse Gang University"


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Buzzi3 G
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Sharonte Henderson says: keep pushing your brand
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Buzzi3 G replied thanks
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Buzzi3 G says: Hello World!!!!! In the studio working on 2 projects at the same time and school too!!! But I'm still hanging in there. Glad to see y'all checking out my page and my music. I'll be uploading some more "new new" soon. But unlit then, stay on the look out for my album "UNCLE WILLIE SON" coming 12/31
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Charles Kishpaugh says: FaceBook Boost, Buzzi3 G has reached 1003 people from MM101 Facebook page. Congratulations, MM101 has your back.
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Charles Kishpaugh says: This is exciting stuff, Buzzi, can wait to hear it and promote it with a shoutout on FB. Keep it coming. Lots of great things happening, gaining more and more momentum everyday.
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Buzzi3 G says: Hello World! Boi, do I have a treat for you all!!!! I'm in the lab, (studio), right now whipping & brewing up some finger licking good music for my next upcoming album entitled "UNCLE WILLIE SON"!!!!!!!! The single off it is "Bis Bank Take Lil Bank", already released and available for download and purchase..... But in the mean time in between time, my mixtape; Buzzi3 G "M.O.N.E.Y.' {MAKE OTHER N**** ENVY YOU}" Hosted by "Gas Can Shawty, Big Sam", of Lil John & The Eastside Boyz........go get it
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Blast From The Past replied Buzzi3, what the status on your new album "Uncle Willie Son".. !!!!.
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Buzzi3 G replied It will be dropping first of march


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