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Based in: Augusta, GA

Leonard Devine (born September 8, 1984), known professionally as Kenfolk Da Anchor, is an Southern Artist, Songwriter, and Record Producer. Born and raised in Augusta, Ga. Kenfolk first became involved in music as part of his childhood group called "Brickyard Boyz", where he learned the craft and took heed to become the artist he thrived to be. After a few series of mixtapes between 2009 and 2011, Kenfolk decided to join forces with his brothers from Syr Syde Ent, which helped launch his brand. He subsequently released his debut EP intitled "Soul Flow" that will surely give the Augusta native the shine that he deserves and an identity for his hometown.


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Baby Leg
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Club Anthem Single Off The Soul Flow EP
Club Anthem Single Off The Soul Flow EP

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KenFolk Da Anchor
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Charles Kishpaugh says: KenFolk, what and awesome video you posted. Just wondering if you are having issues with completing your profile. Remember your membership is on us with the coupon code FREE4FB at check out. I would like to give you a big shout out on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube but we need you to complete your profile and once you upload music your profile goes live. One newly launched feature is adding Images / Art to your Music. Thanks MM101
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