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This is Andrétta … She was inspired by her Grandmother, who was a singer, and
that closeness gave her the foundation to become intrigued and want to join the
world of the performing arts. When Andrétta was ten, her grandmother took her
to the summer camp at the Salvation Army to socialize with her peers and
showcase her artistic skills. Dancing helped her overcome her shyness and
developed an original rhythmic imagery. She is from a rich musical family of men
who are musicians, singers, composers. One of her Uncles, Sherman Garnes, was
in the famous group “Frankie Lymon and the Teenagers were inducted in the
“Rock -n- Roll Hall of Fame”. Andrétta, like many youth of the day, was bullied
throughout her childhood because she was so elegant and statuesque dancing
became her way to face the world.

As time went on, according to Andrétta her childhood best friend was asked to
perform at neighborhood “Block Parties” in Brownsville, Brooklyn, New York. At
age 16 she received a scholarship to attend the Nanette Bearden Contemporary
Dance Theatre, in Manhattan, New York. Andrétta’s grandmother would recall the
days she sang live at the famous Apollo Theatre in Harlem, New York. One day,
her grandmother decided to expose her to the business and took a trip to
the Apollo Theatre. While they were sitting in the audience, Andrétta, determined
to perform decided asked Ralph Cooper Jr., how she and the dance company
could get an audition and be a part of the Apollo’s showcase. He told her to
come back with her group to audition. They did and were picked to be the
opening act at every Apollo showcase. The group would open for mainliners as
well. Andrétta was able to interact and gain valuable advice from legendary,
Eartha Kitt, Actor, Obba Babatundé from “Dreamgirls, Life, and Half & Half”, and
worked with the late and great Howard “Sandman” Sims of the Apollo Theatre.
Hip-Hop icons such as Eric B and Rakim, Mille Mel, Red Alert, and A Doug E. Fresh,
Just to name a few, and rubbing shoulders with the host of Apollo, Ralph Cooper
Senior. However, after a year the dancers disbanded and decided to pursue their
own artistic dreams. Andrétta always believed that education was an important
factor and decided to attend Baruch College three months after the tragic
passing of her grandmother. Andrétta continue to go to school during this
stressful moment. She declared an undecided major, but always known the
entertainment industry would become her major in life. Andrétta’s family soon
became a major priority and essential gift granted on her life odyssey. Taking
time off to raise her three children from the entertainment industry, she still had
that desire once her children were older to pursue her American Dream.

She received IMDB Credits: Two Naked Men and A Sandwich (movie goer) 2010,
Lifestyles (TV host) 2014, Rabidus (script supervisor) 2016, and working Behind The
Scenes as a Bouncer at a known nightclub but she was known as “Rockie”. Dancer
for various artists: Stage Manager for theatrical performances Voice-Over
Credits for Love 860 Radio Station, Dunimus Inspiration, and AUMA RADIO, and
the self-titled “THE ANDRETTA SHOW”. Performed with “The Thief Of Hearts” Tour,
Produced by Adrian P. William. Reni Sixoneseven of Drawing Conclusions has
developed a character based on her image for a new comic book series. Acting
Credits: XXERO: Black Super Movie as a mom, HIT A LICK: as Courtroom patron,
Lord Why Me Staged Production: “1 800 Beat down Girl” Mrs. Billingsley Staged
Production “Errand Girl”.

Andrétta has taken classes at the Good Acting Studio. Where she received high
recommendations to pursue acting from Charmin Lee (from Port Charles,
Girlfriends, Vampire Dairies & Red All Over.) she spoke highly of Andrétta
mentioning to her “You have a very strong presence and you did very well…” Other
co-actors/actresses were highly impressed and said they will see her on Law &
Order, CSI shows. Two Agents took notice of her acting ability. Nick Starr a
Casting Director. She continues her career odyssey, Andrétta was able to
collaborate with Michael Mario Good, founder of the Good Acting Studio, and
who is affiliated with the Tyler Perry Studios. Malik Hart, International artist of
Hart Productions in Chicago. Choreographer for varies dance assembles
including Kiva the artist “So Lonely” Including Directorial for Kiva, the artist “So
Lonely” and “Do you Right”. Further on, a personal goal is to be hired by Lane
Bryant, Ashley Stewarts, Torrid, Inc. to promote full figure campaign ads.

She is an Ambassador for Holistic Health “You have every right to heal you”.
Ordained as an Evangelist. All in all, Andrétta is ready to blossom all her gifted
talents from: dance, choreography, singing, acting, voice-over, stage managing,
Hostess for award shows and red carpet events. She has been featured in
Trendsetters to Trendsetters Magazine March/April 2014, May/June 2014 and
July/August 2015 for the Full Figure and Fabulous-model and Combine Magazine
in January 2017 as a full-figure model. She is dynamic, a force that stimulates
She was awarded and credit-acclaimed as the winner of the NABFEME (National Association of Black Female Executives in
Music & Entertainment) for FAVORITE FEMALE DJ of 2018.
Recently her media team was invited to cover this eye-opening doc series on
BRAVO's "In a Man's World" starring Pastor Sabrina McKenzie's journey that aired on Oct 15, 2019.
She is started off as her CEO and Personality of her own, radio show: The Andrétta Show on AUMA Radio in 2017. Now she has climbed the industry ladder in 2020 and is presently a celebrity radio personality and executive producer of The Andrétta Show on NX 105 the #1 Top 40 STATION on IBNX RADIO NETWORK on every Thursday from 7 pm to 9 pm EST. Her global radio broadcast streams on iHeart, ITUNES & many mainstream digital platforms. NOW THAT'S BEING BEAUTIFUL ME!!!


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