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Based in: Dyersburg, TN

An R&B artist QMILES born & raised in Dyersburg TN age 23, coming from a single parent house hold. He moved to Murfreesboro TN for a fresh start and started doing music. Q dropped his 1st mixtape, LIFECHANGE, in February 2016. His music caught attention immediately from different managers, AnRs, and etc. His single, Crazy, was one of the most popular songs. The song has not only attrated more fans, but it has also inspired many people by his honest testimonys. Q has faced many obstacles and uses his music to express his struggles and difficult parts of his life. #LIFECHANGE


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Charles Kishpaugh says: Qmiles, I hope your enjoying our newly redesigned website.
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Tommie McLeod says: Artist is appealing to his fans, and current music trend.


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