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Vincent Tesoro from the Spokezmun.
My content is transparent in a way that is well balanced between our spiritual walk and everyday life.

This music has the power to change the hearts of this generation and I will not conform to the ways of the world to get the message across.

I overdosed in 2014 and was blessed with a fresh start. At that time I decided to completely surrender my life to God and serve him along with anyone else that is struggling. Now I always do my best to put others first before myself because of the second chance I was given. I am so grateful for all that God has done in my life and to be in recovery today.

I enjoy pop punk/ punk rock / hip hop and alternative so you can expect a wide variety and diverse content that could be translated in many genres and sub genres. I feel that finding an original sound that fits you is vital but on the other hand experimenting is key to growth (as long you don’t compromise who you are in the process.)

Our Voice Is A Weapon Is Available Now on all platforms and the record is entirely prod. By Epicstaxis & Engineered at Loud House Audio. Any other questions feel free to contact me. Thank you all for your support we couldn’t do it without the fans.
God bless - Vincent Tesoro


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Power of Tongue (feat. Akrobatik, Esoteric, Vendetta & DJ John Gotem)
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Vincent Tesoro
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